Happy Father’s Day – Honoring All Dads

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This is the day we honor all Dads.

My Dad is very special. He is the guy who can fix anything and has the answers to most of the things that go wrong in our house or car. He installs light fixtures, hot-water tanks and replaces motors. When the lawn mower makes a funny sound or the car brakes down he will wiggle this or that and has you back on your way.

My wonderful husband is celebrated today. He is the father of our 3 great children. We have a tight family bond and he is the ring leader. Always at every soccer game and band event. Golf is his love, he enjoys driving ranges, 18 holes and watching professional golf on TV. He is interested in all the new golf clubs and usually buys his own Father’s Day gift at the pro-shop. It always has something to do with golf. His wonderful humor is always spreading smiles and giggles around especially in times where it is most needed. There is never a dull day spending time with him.

ping golf club head
Shout Out, to all the Dads!